Monday, December 15, 2014

Make Your Own Products with 3D Printing

Published on Jan 15, 2013
Turn yourself into an action figure or make your own earings as 3D technology changes the future of how we buy and make our products

Sunday, December 14, 2014

HP's new Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer: First Look

Published on Oct 29, 2014
A new 3D printing technology could be faster and more finely detailed than anything out there. A peek at what objects Muli Jet Fusion can print.

Top 5 Best 3D Printers To Buy in the USA

Published on Aug 25, 2014
Printrbot Simple Maker: |
Cubify Cube 3D: |
RepRap Mini Kossel: |
MakerBot Replicator 5th Gen:
Pegasus Touch Printer: |

Check Price In Your Country:

#5 Printrbot Simple Maker
#4 Cubify Cube 3D
#3 RepRap Mini Kossel
#2 MakerBot Replicator 5th Gen
#1 Pegasus Touch Printer

List Of Top 5 best Printers To buy From Amazon with the Best Price For Home project or Office Work!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kinematics Dress by Nervous System - 3D Printed by Shapeways

Published on Dec 9, 2014
Nervous System has created the first dress with Kinematics, their unique 4D printing system that creates complex, foldable forms composed of articulated modules. The Museum of Modern Art has acquired the dress along with the software that created it for their permanent collection. Composed of thousands of interlocking components, the dress was 3D printed as a single folded piece at the Shapeways factory in New York City and required no assembly. This was made possible by Nervous Systems' Kinematics system which combines design generation, customization, and simulation to enable the production of large flexible structures by 3D printing.

For more information, visit

Dress created by Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, Nervous System
Worn by Lana Briscella
Filmed & edited by Andrew Robertson & Passerby Films
Filmed at Shapeways Factory in New York City
Music by Joseph Fraioli
Special thanks to Duann Scott

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stratasys Mojo Printer Available on

Uploaded on Nov 18, 2014
Stratasys Ltd., the global leader of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions, is excited to announce the Stratasys Mojo 3D Printer Starter Package will now be available to purchase on This new addition to Amazon will give small business owners, entrepreneurs, engineers and educators the opportunity to purchase a professional grade 3D printer directly from Amazon. Watch the video to learn more about what Mojo can do for you.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Print The Legend - Netflix Documentary on 3D Printing Become The Next Industrial Revolution

Published on Mar 10, 2014
Courtesy: The Texas Tribune.

Speaking remotely from Russia on Monday, former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden told attendees at the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas that encryption is still a powerful deterrent against government surveillance.


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Monday, July 28, 2014

Video: Amazon Launches A 3D Printing Store With Customizable Goods. Watch Out Shapeways!

Published on Jul 28, 2014
TechCrunch reports that Amazon has launched a new store for 3D-printed goods, which include items that can be customized to change their size, color, material and even aspects of their design. Amazon Marketplace Sales director Petra Schindler-Carter said in a press release announcing the new storefront, “The introduction of our 3D Printed Products store suggests the beginnings of a shift in online retail – that manufacturing can be more nimble to provide an immersive customer experience." One-offs and small runs are much more affordable via 3D printing, so theoretically the sky’s the limit about what types of things customers could order--provided 3D printing technology keeps evolving.
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