Saturday, February 14, 2015

Popular 3D Printer Articles for February 14, 2015

KXLY Spokane
This company is making luxury jewelry with a 3-D printer
Meet Aaron Issac, the 25-year-old entrepreneur who is getting into the jewelry business and putting a new twist on an old classic. Flag as irrelevant
Kyiv Post
Ukrainian startup promises easy 3D printing
Volodymyr Usov, a founder and chief executive officer at Odesa-based startup Kwambio that provides an online platform for easy 3D printing, says that ... Flag as irrelevant
Chicago Sun-Times
3D Printing Aims To Rewrite The Script On Cooking And Tech
Like more traditional 3D printers, food printers work by printing out ... the big challenge for companies exploring this is deciding on a viable business ... Flag as irrelevant
Chinese 3D Printer Manufacturer Zhuhai CTC Electronic Opens London Office
ZHUHAI, China, Feb. 11, 2015 /PR Newswire/ -- Leading Chinese 3D printer maker Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co., Ltd., today announced the firm's formal ... Flag as irrelevant
First Conference of 3D-printing held in Baku
The conference devoted to 3D-print “3D Print Conference. ... Submitted by the company Smile-Expo series of 3D printing has already been held in ... Flag as irrelevant
Pune-based Chizel wows architects and builders with 3D printed 'smart models'
Chizel Prints, a Pune-based venture has taken 3D printing mainstream by ... in South Korea and Yash joined Behr, an automotive company in Pune.'smart+models'&cd=KhQxODEyMzcyODM3MTIzMjI1MzUyMzIaYzY2ZDJkNjQzOTNmYTY2Yjpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmWRuIM0U9GpDZFC4XeIpTieOXytag'smart+models'&cd=KhQxODEyMzcyODM3MTIzMjI1MzUyMzIaYzY2ZDJkNjQzOTNmYTY2Yjpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmWRuIM0U9GpDZFC4XeIpTieOXytag'smart+models'&cd=KhQxODEyMzcyODM3MTIzMjI1MzUyMzIaYzY2ZDJkNjQzOTNmYTY2Yjpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmWRuIM0U9GpDZFC4XeIpTieOXytag Flag as irrelevant 
Some Ideas About 3D Printing
The other day we read a thoughtful Bloomberg piece on 3D printing in the ... The same “business of selling” language is also found in Restatement ... Flag as irrelevant
BEEVERYCREATIVE Signs Distribution Deal with WYNIT in US Market
BEEVERYCREATIVE, the first Portuguese 3D printer manufacturer and the ... What the company calls an 'autonomous' option lets users close the ... Flag as irrelevant
Analysis: only innovative retailers survive this new arena
The term has launched business models in the 1990s, but contemporary ... New technologies like 3D printing, which could rapidly become ... Flag as irrelevant 

R & D Magazine
3-D Printing Blasts Off, Explodes Into the Future
Image of EOS M 400 direct metal laser sintering 3-D printer. .... Overall the technology offers many opportunities for lightweighting components, and ... future&ss=gp&rt=3-D+Printing+Blasts+Off,+Explodes+Into+the+Future&cd=KhM1MjkzNDY1MDQ4ODYxNDU5OTcxMhoxMDNlMmRkMmNhZTI0MWY4OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmUTnyR16IC8l3n6Jq1VX9aCwdXLdQ future&ss=fb&rt=3-D+Printing+Blasts+Off,+Explodes+Into+the+Future&cd=KhM1MjkzNDY1MDQ4ODYxNDU5OTcxMhoxMDNlMmRkMmNhZTI0MWY4OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmUTnyR16IC8l3n6Jq1VX9aCwdXLdQ future&ss=tw&rt=3-D+Printing+Blasts+Off,+Explodes+Into+the+Future&cd=KhM1MjkzNDY1MDQ4ODYxNDU5OTcxMhoxMDNlMmRkMmNhZTI0MWY4OmNvbTplbjpVUw&ssp=AMJHsmUTnyR16IC8l3n6Jq1VX9aCwdXLdQ Flag as irrelevant 
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