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Popular Articles on the 3d Printer Business for February 8, 2015

Arkansas Online
Local businesses find uses for 3D printing
Local businesses hope offering 3D printing will help them stay ahead of the competition. Many three-dimensional products produced locally include ... Flag as irrelevant
Printr Brings 3D Printing to the Mainstream Consumer
AMSTERDAM--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Printr has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new product The Element. Through the crowdfunding platform ... Flag as irrelevant
Wall Street Journal
Stratasys Cuts 2014 Outlook, Gives Weak View for 2015
The company also projected 2015 results that would miss Wall Street ... 3D printing involves taking a digital image of an object and slicing it into ...,+Gives+Weak+View+for+2015&cd=KhI3MzI5ODA2Mjk0NTE3OTI3MTgyGmM2NmQyZDY0MzkzZmE2NmI6Y29tOmVuOlVT&ssp=AMJHsmUU_8LEfe1PGw7uvmQ6WfWDc-nDsw,+Gives+Weak+View+for+2015&cd=KhI3MzI5ODA2Mjk0NTE3OTI3MTgyGmM2NmQyZDY0MzkzZmE2NmI6Y29tOmVuOlVT&ssp=AMJHsmUU_8LEfe1PGw7uvmQ6WfWDc-nDsw,+Gives+Weak+View+for+2015&cd=KhI3MzI5ODA2Mjk0NTE3OTI3MTgyGmM2NmQyZDY0MzkzZmE2NmI6Y29tOmVuOlVT&ssp=AMJHsmUU_8LEfe1PGw7uvmQ6WfWDc-nDsw Flag as irrelevant
3D Printing of Consumer Goods: How it will Impact Product Safety - New White Paper
3D printers for home use allow anyone to make their own consumer products, or sell ... In 2012 she set up her own product safety advisory business. Flag as irrelevant
Soapbox Cincinnati
Xavier University makes history with purchase of MakerBot 3D printing center
MakerBot is a New York-based company specializing in 3D printing solutions. The MakerBot Innovation Center is a centralized 3D printing solution ... Flag as irrelevant
3D Systems: No Light At The End Of The Tunnel
It seems that HP's entry into the 3D printing industry is pressuring revenue ... First, there is absolutely no traction in the consumer business while 3D ... Flag as irrelevant
3D printing pen CreoPop raises financing round led by 500 startups
3D printing pen CreoPop raises financing round led by 500 startups ... In effect, the customer lifetime value (CLV ) of CreoPop's business model ... Flag as irrelevant
Zecotek Announces Breakthrough Manufacturing Technology for Metal Powders used with 3D ...
Laser sintering based 3D printing is undoubtedly the technology of the ... development and production company, specializing in crystal growth, laser ... Flag as irrelevant 
3D Printing Gets £3k Boost From Council
The business is planning to launch a 3D printing competition for schools at the end of February and some of the AVDC grant has been used to ...£3k+Boost+From+Council&cd=KhQxMzMyMDYwMjg3NzM1Njc2NzQzODIaYzY2ZDJkNjQzOTNmYTY2Yjpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmVzKM1dsaPWgJcUdfsfUh7E5LdaKg£3k+Boost+From+Council&cd=KhQxMzMyMDYwMjg3NzM1Njc2NzQzODIaYzY2ZDJkNjQzOTNmYTY2Yjpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmVzKM1dsaPWgJcUdfsfUh7E5LdaKg£3k+Boost+From+Council&cd=KhQxMzMyMDYwMjg3NzM1Njc2NzQzODIaYzY2ZDJkNjQzOTNmYTY2Yjpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmVzKM1dsaPWgJcUdfsfUh7E5LdaKg Flag as irrelevant
Go By Truck News
The Real Threat of 3D Printing
Carriers that are not likely to be hurt from 3D printing should simply stay the course. Continue to grow the business around product lines such as food ... Flag as irrelevant
Will Apple Ever Make A Splash In 3D Printing?
But Apple isn't really in the business of making machines. ... Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HPQ), which unveiled its first 3D printer last year, was ... Flag as irrelevant
India's 3D-ing Releases Their Extremely Affordable $325 FabX 3D Printer
Jagadesh Koteesvaran, Business Head for 3D-ing, tells that they have just released their new FabX 3D printer, at a price point almost ...'s+3D-ing+Releases+Their+Extremely+Affordable+$325+FabX+3D+Printer&cd=KhQxMzMyMDYwMjg3NzM1Njc2NzQzODIaYzY2ZDJkNjQzOTNmYTY2Yjpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmUQPUiR7rmNwYXJY6Z33ktEW1MEyg's+3D-ing+Releases+Their+Extremely+Affordable+$325+FabX+3D+Printer&cd=KhQxMzMyMDYwMjg3NzM1Njc2NzQzODIaYzY2ZDJkNjQzOTNmYTY2Yjpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmUQPUiR7rmNwYXJY6Z33ktEW1MEyg's+3D-ing+Releases+Their+Extremely+Affordable+$325+FabX+3D+Printer&cd=KhQxMzMyMDYwMjg3NzM1Njc2NzQzODIaYzY2ZDJkNjQzOTNmYTY2Yjpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmUQPUiR7rmNwYXJY6Z33ktEW1MEyg Flag as irrelevant
Using 3D Printing to Make Monster Mascots
One of the aspects of 3D printing that has been heralded far and wide is the fact that it democratizes creation. With its ... It's great for local business.”. Flag as irrelevant
Dean DeBiase to Chair 3D Printing Conference at UBM Canon Event
The Innovations in 3D Printing Conference will take place during UBM ... 3DP Unlimited is a company of skilled mechatronics engineers who use their ... Flag as irrelevant
Engineering Capacity
3D printing for space station freezer
Additive manufacturing company Solid Concepts used fused deposition modelling to produce the liner for an extreme temperature freezer destined for ... Flag as irrelevant 
Yibada (English Edition)
China to Be World's Largest Market for 3D Printers
China is set on helping XYZprinting company achieve an unprecedented sales of 1 million 3D printers worldwide within three years. By 2016, China ...'s+Largest+Market+for+3D+Printers&cd=KhQxMzAxNjYyNDczOTY4MDAyNTIxMjIaYzY2ZDJkNjQzOTNmYTY2Yjpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmWcwSd-bzjMAWWyXhuBayH5MyWR4Q's+Largest+Market+for+3D+Printers&cd=KhQxMzAxNjYyNDczOTY4MDAyNTIxMjIaYzY2ZDJkNjQzOTNmYTY2Yjpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmWcwSd-bzjMAWWyXhuBayH5MyWR4Q's+Largest+Market+for+3D+Printers&cd=KhQxMzAxNjYyNDczOTY4MDAyNTIxMjIaYzY2ZDJkNjQzOTNmYTY2Yjpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmWcwSd-bzjMAWWyXhuBayH5MyWR4Q Flag as irrelevant
Motley Fool
3D Printing News: The Case for 3D Printing With Ordinary Copy Paper
Mcor is a very interesting up-and-coming company in the additive manufacturing, 3D printing space. Their feedstock, or the primary material they use, ... Flag as irrelevant
Gulf Times
3D printers to make human body parts? Well, it's happening
Although the process varies, 3-D printing typically involves using an ... Although the company has yet to be profitable since it was incorporated in 2007 ...,-it’s-happening&ss=gp&rt=3D+printers+to+make+human+body+parts?+Well,+it's+happening&cd=KhQxMzAxNjYyNDczOTY4MDAyNTIxMjIaYzY2ZDJkNjQzOTNmYTY2Yjpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmXDt5IEEPFO19-W-aVg2teNi9qWNQ,-it’s-happening&ss=fb&rt=3D+printers+to+make+human+body+parts?+Well,+it's+happening&cd=KhQxMzAxNjYyNDczOTY4MDAyNTIxMjIaYzY2ZDJkNjQzOTNmYTY2Yjpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmXDt5IEEPFO19-W-aVg2teNi9qWNQ,-it’s-happening&ss=tw&rt=3D+printers+to+make+human+body+parts?+Well,+it's+happening&cd=KhQxMzAxNjYyNDczOTY4MDAyNTIxMjIaYzY2ZDJkNjQzOTNmYTY2Yjpjb206ZW46VVM&ssp=AMJHsmXDt5IEEPFO19-W-aVg2teNi9qWNQ Flag as irrelevant
The Province
3D printing empowering B.C. entrepreneurs and researchers
He helps Canadian companies navigate 3D printing's potential. With his guidance, they decide whether it works for their business. “I love showing off ... Flag as irrelevant 
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