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Have you seen Squid Game? This curious title belongs to one of the most popular TV series released on Netflix, with people tuning in from across the globe.

Produced in South Korea, Squid Game has garnered so much interest that fans of the show have flocked to 3D printing websites to replicate the masks worn throughout.

Alongside the neon-bright tracksuits donned by the contestants, the many different masks worn in the show have become iconic. From the anonymous masks worn by the workers to the geometric face of the Front Man, these masks are perfect for DIY printing.

Which Mask to Choose

By far the most popular designs across 3D model printing sites are masks for the Front Man and the Masked Men. Collectively, these mysterious characters run the compound where contestants are competing for 45.6 billion Won ($38.6 million); that’s a lot of money.

While the 3D models for these two fan favorites are currently available for free, that can’t be said for the others. If you want a model of the golden, animal-themed VIP masks, it will cost you.

While the price of the VIP masks varies, we’ve included some of the lowest-priced ones here. Because they aren’t as popular as the other designs, they haven’t been tested by the 3D printing community for errors and might need extra adjustments. Therefore, this might be better suited to someone comfortable with the ins and outs of 3D printing.

Tips for a Good Print

Whether you are new to 3D printing or have been doing it for a while, make sure to double-check the comments on each 3D model page. Here you might find some key information on printing position, how to design the supports, or what numbers to use for infill as an example.

Likewise, looking at the community makes (the photos uploaded by people who have completed the print) is a useful place to start when deciding whether to print the model.

If you do run into trouble, you can check the model’s homepage to see if the designer is open to receiving messages; more often than not, they will be happy to help if you have issues.

1. Front Man

A black colored 3D model of a face with geometric edges across the surface, on a white background

The leader, the overseer, the Front Man.

This is possibly the most recognizable mask from Squid Game. The blank expression and dark, geometric surface makes this design perfect for showing off your 3D printing capabilities.

The Front Man model can be printed in one piece, with the top of the head positioned on the printing bed, alongside some supports. The designer has included their recommended position for printing and a model for the grills that cover the eyes as well.

You will need to set aside roughly 29 hours for this model to print, but with over 3,000 downloads and a good-sized comment/make section, you can be sure that your print will run smoothly. For added support, this this YouTube video shows the printing process with similar model files.

2. Masked Men

A 3D model of a mesh face mask from Squid Game in two parts, on colored black and the other grey, next to a black T shape part, all models on a white background

Wearing bright neon jumpsuits, the Masked Men have the task of feeding the contestants alongside enforcing the deadly rules; you will recognize these workers by the large circle, triangle, or square printed on their mask.

A memorable characteristic of this mask is the ability to slide up the lower half, essentially collapsing the mask to reveal the wearer's face.

The design of this 3D model faithfully recreates this mechanism by printing the mask in two sections and attaching a small stopper to the inside of the mask. The photos are a helpful guide to how the model all fits together and the designer has also included stencils for painting your chosen shape onto the mask.

You will need roughly 32 hours to print this model, and the assembly will require a plastic welder to attach the stopper piece to the inside of the mask; a strong superglue might also work here.

For a clear view of how to assemble this mask, alongside how to paint the symbol onto the mask, watch this YouTube video by the creator.

3. Waiter

A 3D model of a black mask in the shape of a face with cutouts along the edge, next to information about the designer

This mask makes a short but memorable appearance in Squid Game and will no doubt be recognizable by in-the-know fans of this show.

It has a simple and pleasing design, making it a good choice for 3D printing methods. In the description of the model, the designer writes that he will gladly help you if you need support with printing.

This model is available as a single piece or in two parts for those of you who have a small 3D printer.

4. VIP – Lion

A 3D model of a golden lion mask next to information about the designer

If you had to choose a VIP mask, which would it be? The Lion is a clear choice.

5. VIP – Tiger

A 3D model of a golden tiger mask on a black background, next to information about the designer

The second feline predator in the group, perhaps the Tiger suits you more?

6. VIP – Buffalo

A 3D model of a golden buffalo mask next to information about the designer

Just as impressive as the carnivores, the Buffalo’s unique look will set you apart.

7. VIP – Deer

A 3D model of a golden deer mask, next to information about the designer

This model could get a little tricky when you consider printing the antlers. The deer is probably better suited to more experienced 3D print makers.

8. VIP – Eagle

A 3D model of a golden eagle mask on a black background, next to information about the designer

If you love birds, perhaps the Eagle is for you?

9. VIP – Owl

A 3D model of a golden owl mask next to information about the designer

You will have to finish watching Squid Game to know the reason why the Owl was the only member missing from the group.

Bonus: Red Light, Green Light!

A 3D model of seperate dolls parts in bright orange color, next to information about the designer

If you’re looking for a small memento to remember the show by, take a look at this 3D model of the giant girl doll who appears in episode 1.

This model has individual files for the arms, legs, and head, making it fun to assemble and paint after printing. Seemingly innocent on the outside, for those who have seen Squid Game, you will know better.

DIY Memorabilia

Squid Game wouldn’t be such a wildly successful TV show without its great use of masks. And with DIY 3D printing, we can keep a piece of the show for ourselves.

Grab a tracksuit and print your own Masked Men model for a standout cosplay, or make yourself a Front Man face to appear at your next costume party.

Either way, save these 3D models for the future when people will surely look back on Squid Game as their favorite series of 2021.


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