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Having access to a 3D printer is a rather exciting privilege. Whether you've only just got your hands on one or a 3D printing veteran, free 3D printing models are always welcome. Designing a 3D model from scratch requires time and skill that you might not have.

There are lots of websites and libraries where you can download free 3D models, but not every 3D model is 3D printable. Below, you will find the four best websites for downloading free 3D printer files.

1. Thingiverse

Thingiverse is the ultimate 3D printing library. This website is entirely dedicated to 3D printers, and most 3D models are uploaded as STL files that can be easily 3D printed. Each model comes with a 3D preview, pictures of the printed product, and print settings.

Thingiverse allows users to post photos of their makes, and creators can remix other 3D files and create new designs. You can look through the different user-published makes to find the best print settings for a file, or to get some inspiration.

One major point which makes Thingiverse the most popular 3D printing library among makers is that it is entirely free. Every file that you see on Thingiverse, you can download and use for free. On the other hand, if you're a creator, you cannot monetize your models on Thingiverse.

Though you don't need to pay any money to use the free 3D models on these websites, it doesn't mean that they're not copyright protected. Do your research before using these files in commercial projects!

2. MyMiniFactory

MyMiniFactory website.

MyMiniFactory is a 3D printing community and library where you can find thousands of free and paid 3D models for download. MyMiniFactory has a strong emphasis on role-playing games, such as DD. Most of the models you'll find here are structures and characters designed for tabletop games.

If you're into printing tabletop figures, then you must have noticed by now that they look drastically better when printed in more than one color. Learn to bring more life to your prints by creating duotone prints.

MyMiniFactory has many community elements. Makers can write their stories in Community Stories, and they can partake in designing and printing competitions to win prizes. The site also hosts an ambitious project called Scan The World, whose goal is to offer art and heritage sculptures in the form of 3D printable files for free. So far, this project has cataloged 17,000 objects which you can download for free.

3. Cults

Cults Website.

Cults is another 3D repository and community where you can download 3D models and print them. The site contains both free and paid models, and if you're a maker you can monetize your 3D model on Cults.

If you take a quick look at Cults, you'll realize that it's more oriented towards aesthetic and decorative models, rather than functional ones. Cults has a wide array of jewelry, art, and fashion models. If you're looking to make your own 3D printed jewelry, it's a good place to browse and download models.

Cults also hosts 3D printing contests where you can design a model according to the given guidelines to win a prize.

4. TurboSquid

Turbosquid Website.

TurboSquid is a massive marketplace for 3D models. While some of these models are designed to be 3D printed, most are not. However, that doesn't mean that you can't print them with a little tweak.

TurboSquid contains paid and free professional 3D models. You can find some extremely detailed and realistic models available on the site, such as vehicle models, people, and animals.

You can find 3D printable models by searching for STL models. There are roughly 80,000 STL models available on TurboSquid, which was acquired by Shutterstock in 2021.

From Bytes to the Real World

3D printing is an awesome technology that lets you bring 3D creations out of your computer and into the real world. With a 3D printer, you can print any STL model, and you can get these STL models from the websites mentioned in this article.

Though you have to pay to download some models on these websites, there's still a good variety and quantity of free 3D models available. Now all you need to do is to find the model you like most, and get to printing!


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