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We Can’t Get Enough Of Cameron Hughes’ Mechanical Transforming Fashion

We’ve seen a relatively new face circulating around Instagram and TikTok lately, showing off some really cool new projects. This is Cameron Hughes, and his explorations in fashion harness technology for some very interesting results.

This is the first one that I saw, and it really drew my attention. Cameron calls this the “Worm Hole Dress”. It was inspired, as you could guess from the name, by wormholes in space. You’ll note that it is red and blue, an allusion to the red shift of light as the universe expands.

To get that high torque motion along with precise control, Hughes is using dynamixel smart servos. They have the oomph, and also the ability to be daisy chained and set up for precise states, allowing for this really cool effect where the dress seems to fold into itself and change color.

After talking to Cameron a bit, I dug in and found even more impressive projects mixing tech and fashion. This head dress is particularly interesting. It can obscure his face or open up to frame him. I thought the 3d printed structures themselves were very interesting looking as well.

The servo feather dress is a project he’s still working on and posting about on his social accounts. You can follow along and see where this one goes.

This one, I was unaware of when I reached out to him. It turned out to be my personal favorite. This dress has a frame holding a plethora of receipt printers. He can program them to say whatever he wants, and they all print at once with the push of a button.

While the majority of this video shows them out in the open (which I think looks pretty cool), he also demostrates how the whole thing can be hidden under layers of fabric causing it to look like a fairly normal dress that just suddenly starts spitting out ribbons of paper with messages on them.

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